Pitch Process

Want to pitch a show?

Interested in pitching your show idea to ESTV? Here’s what you need to do:

New Show Pitch Process

Stage One: Initiating the Process

  • Contact the ESTV Director of Development if interested in proposing a new show for ESTV by emailing elonstudenttv@elon.edu
  • The Director of Development will send you a show pitch application (if needed) and information on processes
    Pitch Packet Materials: application, pitch guidelines, general ESTV expectations, budget proposal worksheet
  • Complete Stage Two of Pitch Process by submitting needed application (download above) and information


Stage Three: Presentation

  • See pitch guidelines for complete presentation expectations.
  • You will present to the Station Manager, Directors of Development and Production, news and entertainment advisors.
  • You must create a unique and engaging presentation to explain why your show is a good fit for ESTV.
  • Be prepared to adjust your show to fit the needs of the station

*Note: This stage is after submitting your application and the Development Director has contacted you regarding your pitch* 

Stage Two: What to Know & Fill out on Application

  • Your idea
  • Research and study shows similar to the one you want to produce
  • Come up with parallels and differences
  • What kind of show? Is it live or live to tape?
  • Studio or Non-Studio or Pre-produced or post-produced
  • How is your show different than current ESTV shows and/or other campus media?
  • What are you trying to accomplish for yourself and others?
  • ESTV does not provide a crew. Have a plan of how you will staff your show.
  • How can ESTV help your project with resources currently unavailable to you?

Stage Four: Chosen to move forward with pilot episode

  • Presenters will be notified if accepted to develop a pilot episode.
  • If accepted, you have one month to shoot and present a pilot episode to ESTV management board.
  • Consider the following for pilot discussion: what is the funding, format, timeline and length of pilot episode.
  • Also prepare for a discussion on integration, negotiation of budget, production agreement, marketing plan and other show necessities with ESTV if show is chosen to develop after pilot screening.

Format of Pitch – pitch should run between 6-10 minutes

  • Introduction – Introduce your team, who you are, involvement on campus
  • The idea – name of show, logline, synopsis
  • Research – present research on similar shows
  • Format – studio/ live, etc., structure of show, crew, etc. Include brief production, schedule, marketing and budget proposal
  • Target audience – how does your show fill ESTV target audience
    Stand out – how show is different than other shows, unique creativity of your show, etc.

Professional, efficient and quality pitches are expected.

 Materials to submit at time of pitch:

Completed application

Completed budget proposal worksheet

Hard copy of presentation