Win Stuff

About Win Stuff
Win Stuff is Elon's first and only pop-culture game show! Each week, a different organization on campus sends three contestants to join our host to answer hard-hitting questions about movies, music, and TV! Every contestant is a winner, with prizes sponsored by local Elon businesses like Yo Zone, Pandora's Pies, and many more.
Our Legacy
As ESTV's longest-running program, Win Stuff has changed and grown over the years. A staple on campus, Win Stuff does special episodes to promote charitable events like Elonthon, and is working hard to establish new and fun ways to involve the student body in coming winners!
Let's Play!
With so many opportunities to get involved, why wouldn't you want to come join a TV show where there literally is nothing to lose and everything to win?

Find Out More About Us

If you're interested in bringing your organization on the show, joining our Win Stuff family, or just want to know more about us, please contact us!

Show Producers:

Hannah Sullivan

Julia Walter


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